Scavenger Hunt with Sanderling

15 Apr

Edcamp Fort Wayne is proud to have An Estuary as one of our Sponsors.  An Estuary provides cutting-edge social technologies for blended professional development.  Through their software product Sanderling, the social platform for professional development, Edcamp Fort Wayne participants will share in a unique “scavenger hunt” to explore  the edcamp experience!


To learn how to use Sanderling and sign-up for the Edcamp Fort Wayne course, please visit: and follow the instructions below!



Sponsor Spotlight: FlipSnack

10 Apr

According to their website, FlipSnack, “FlipSnack changes the rules of the game for digital magazines and takes your prints to the next level, turning them into engaging rich media experiences.  Reach more readers across web, mobile devices and social networks, reduce the costs of publishing and increase sales by using your online magazine as a smart ecommerce solution. All of this with an easy to use publishing tool.”


What an awesome tool for educators to enable their students with.  Check out what their website for more info:

Sponsor Spotlight: TechSmith

8 Apr

Flipping your instruction is all of the rage these days and TechSmith is one of the leaders in providing quality screen capture and recording software to make the videos educators record easily accessible and of the highest quality.  Check out their website and watch the short video below:

Sponsor Spotlight: Exit Ticket

7 Apr

Wish that you could get real time data to drive differentiation in your classroom?  Exit Ticket allows you to do just that!  Check out all of the sweet features below and visit their website for more information:

exit ticket

Sponsor Spotlight: Little Bits

7 Apr

littleBits is a system of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. We built littleBits to break the boundaries between the products we consume and the things we make, and to make everyone into an inventor.

Each littleBit has one unique function (light, sound, sensors, buttons), and with different combinations you can make large circuits. littleBits allows you to create interactive projects without any background in engineering, programming or wiring, in a few seconds. It’s as easy as snapping LEGO bricks together. And the best part is, it’s open source!  Check out this awesome video that explains more or check out their website:

<p><a href=”″>What is littleBits?</a> from <a href=””>littleBits</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Sponsor Spotlight: Livebinders

5 Apr

Need a place for all of your resources?  Want to share that with anybody and everybody?  Livebinders provides the perfect utility to do so! LiveBinders is a way to organize sites and information that you want to share simply and clearly – just like a 3-ring binder in the physical world.

diagramIf you haven’t already, sign-up and begin creating your “live binder”!  Check out these great resources on how teachers are using Livebinders today:

Livebinders – Online Organization

The Educational Tool Teachers Shouldn’t Miss

Sponsor Spotlight: Remind 101

4 Apr

Ever wish you had an effective way to communicate with students and parents?  Remind 101 provides the simplest way to do so: a free and safe mass texting service that focuses on making the busy lives of teachers easier.


For more information check out Remind 101′s website!


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